Shades Of Grey Can Overshadow Room Setting

We live in a world where clothing and furnishing fashions change very rapidly – the fads for certain colour schemes come and go and each series of hues comes around perioically.  To keep up with many and not have to pay a fortune for new venetion blinds or other window dressings, it is best to keep to a neutral palette.  With the windows, they are an essential part of a room but you don’t want the colour of blinds of curtains to completely draw the eye away from other pleasing aspects of the room when visitors arrive.   The most recent trend had been for grey – for some 5 years now, grey has been the predominant choice for many families moving into a new home, or refurbishing an older one.  It can be a cool, relaxing shade if used wisely, but in the wrong space, grey can look to business like and miss the mark completely.