Space Saving Luxury and Ships Ahoy

I have a couple of relatives who ha ve gone on mad about cruising and they absolutely love it.  A lot of folk are disparaging about that sort of holiday – its usually because they think they can’t afford one and of course, you can’t take children on long ocean voyages.  They don’t get that much time off school and probably wouldn’t want to spend it on board a ship where there’s very little wifi and no games or big water parks.  One benefit of being able to sail away is being able to see the glorious decor and enjoy the prestigous soft furnishings and the clever interior design of the state rooms and cabins.  They are a lesson in making the absolute most of every millimetre of space.  the bathrooms have to be as function and comfortable as possible but without any obvious waste of space.  The main bedroom, again needing to be useful and functional, must offer a greater degree of oppulence than the cheaper end of the cabins