Exsquisitely Matched Blinds & Uholstery

I have been visiting various relatives this year, having got a great deal more time to spare than ever before.  It’s been fantastic fun, getting to see the houses and apartments again that I only ever visited rarely before.  One in particular really had an effect on me, the house is airy and very light as it points in the right direction out the back.  This gives a quiet unfussy calmness to the sitting area at the front.  Throughout this house the curtains have blinds up, they are beautiful and match the colour of each carpet and major upholstery item absolutely perfectly.  I cannot imagine ever going round a house with anything as near perfect as this combination.  One room has a pale yellow background with coral and pale orange tulips on, matching the coral carpet and palest of cream sofas.  I came home fired up ready to surf the net for idea – a real delight!

Modern Roman Blinds Win Hands Down For Style

I have just come back from staying in a quite isolated country estate house.  The building was originally a school on an old stately home estate and was built for the home and the attached villages, of which there were once twelve.  The windows have been replaced by velus roof windows in the upper floor – a brilliant idea as these particular ones are new enough to contain the magic ingredient that solves heat and too much light permeating the room.  The other rooms all have gorgeous Roman blinds up – each in exactly the colour to suit the independently managed wallpaper and door paint.  The finish is really superb and the fit of each, with the resulting excellence of movement and fit.  Each brings a beautful finish to the room and it is indeed a pleasure to operate the blind mechanism.  The modern theme doesn’t look out of place either.  Perfection!

Roof Window Blinds Reduce Creeping Winter Sun & Cold

Gosh where has the time gone – it seems like only yesterday I was waxing lyrical about having blinds fitted to velux roof windows and how they would be lovely to keep out the sunlight and/or draughtly winter weather.  Here we are, mid winter and the blinds have been up for ages.  Very effective too as blackouts also.  I have only stayed in a cottage with roof windows – these were placed at an odd angle in the newly refurbished attic.  The sun would stream in – very welcome in the day time when everyone’s up, but when you’re trying to stretch that last half hour of kip time, a 4.30 ray of run in your eyes can be a tad painful.  So when a family member moved into a country conversion this week, I was pleased to see the quality of the existing roof blinds – really sturdy and fitted absolutely expertly.  No undesired  sun or cold creeping in!

Phase 2 Of House Move – Fitting Blinds To Roof Windows

I know of a young couple who are trying to tie up the final details so they can move into their dream house.  They’ve had a neat and tidy little starter home for 4 years – one with regular windows and doors so curtain and blind installation was a doddle.  So all things are coming hopefully to a successful and fruitful conclusion and they’ll be in for the spring.  When the lass sighed with satisfaction, I pointed out that they were only actually reaching end of phase 1.  The more testing time is about to commence.  Next task will be getting curtains and blinds to fit the velux style roof windows in the upper storey and massive shuttered windows down one side of the old property conversion.  I reminded them that professionals are the only ones who can tackle such a project, for safety, time and financial reasons.  No amateurs can ever make blinds fit as snugly or elegantly!

Blinds Must Be Checked Out For Quality

There are very few companies in the world who have more reputation than others.  If you want quality,  check out the labels of your blinds.  The designs available with some companies really outshine their competitors and this can be seen online.  Houston window blinds aren’t just about style. Certain type of window covering need certain curtain rods, so make certain you buy the proper 1. Window treatments serve several purposes, from functional ones like supplying privacy and controlling the quantity of sunlight filtering to the area to aesthetic ones like enhancing the décor. Window dressings with a rounded rather than a challenging-edged look are far more casual than formal and greater fit the Shabby Chic decorating style. For an unstructured, effortless look, windows can be swathed with an ample quantity of loose fabric that is permitted to puddle gently onto the floor. These are really similar to swag valances.

Professional Expertise Sorted Oddly Fitting Curtains

When I moved in to my current very comfortable 4 bed detached house, I went round before the day to note down the critical window and door measurements in preparation for the curtain purchases.  As it happened, the devleoper had kindly ensured all the upstairs windows were exactly the same dimensions, and the ensuites and bathrooms all matched also.  The same cannot be said for the attractive square bay window downstairs.  When I measured the drop for all 4 sections, I was amazed how out of true each was!  The placement of the flexible curtain rail was paramount – the curtains can only be hung in one order, so as to fit each section perfectly – it’s a right hassle.   But made easier by having consulted a professional who sorted out my woes in a trice.  The window blinds in the washrooms needed very specialist installation too – drilling through heavy stone tiles.  Thank heavens for the experts!

Fun Had In The Fabric Bazaar

On a recent trip to stay with a very good chum in a very summy spot in the Med, we took a trip out to visit ‘G’s Fabric Shop’.  What an amazing place – the rolls of fabric were stacked 10 deep in places and it took all my strength to lug one up high enough whenever my pal decided to inspect one for colour matching.  Eventually we found a roll offering exactly the colour and texture.  The way of measuring out intrigued me too – the vendor yanked one end and held it out arm’s length and then yanked another length etc.  All very unscientific but amazingly accurate, the 20 metres we sought was spot on when we measured it at home!

Fun as that was, I still prefer reassuring quality of service offered by our home grown curtain and blind suppliers.  Knowing they measure and check constantly to get the perfect fit is worth that extra cost.

Curtains & Blinds Baffle Noise & Heat Levels

Ah the happy sounds of children back at school after the long and sometimes hot summer holidays – I can hear the little ones at the local junior school, although they are over 2 miles away, that kind of sound sure can carry!  That is one of the things I like about having really good blinds and curtains at my windows.  Not only do they keep my house wonderfully cool when it does get baking hot, they insulate against the cold and help to baffle the sound. Having been a commuter to my job some miles away, I was always used to getting up and at it early.  Now that I work from home, I notice these noises and fluctations in temperature a great deal more!

Getting the right kind of window dressing is critical to the overall look of a decorating scheme.  Engaging an expert in curtains and blinds will save pounds and hours of time.

Blinds & Curtains Essential For Winter Comfort

Arrrggh, the start of the summer wind down has begun.  Firstly we get the very hottest of weather, usually for a couple of days in June.  Then when the tennis tournament in SW19 is upon us, so often are the rain storms.  Then it picksup again, very nicely for a few days in July, just as the kids are braking up from school.   The start of the autumnal weather usually happens about the 3rd week in to the summer holidays!  By the october half term and then on into the Christmas hols, we are back to the force 8 gales and thundering weather storms.

Time to draw those curtains and utilise those very effective window blinds.  There is nothing more annoying than wasting heat going through the windows for lack of properly fitted window dressings – they don’t only make the room look finished, they really do help keep out the cold and damp feelings.

Slatted Window Blinds With Extra Benefits

I have friends who are easily swayed by articles in magazines and on tv lifestyle programmes.   Anything to do with house interiors, furnishings, decorating in general – they are an advertiser’s dream couple.  We meet up every few weeks, abd such is their desire to have the latest furnishing concept, I realised years ago, my invites always coincide with the latest development!

I was impressed with the last change around – new window blinds that are fitted superbly into the bay windows.  They are wooden slat in design and have been painted a beautiful pale ivory cream – exactly matching the main colour in their lounge suite.  The blinds are very good for cutting out light and because it would be a right faff to try and get past them, they seem to have security qualities too – the windows can be left open for a bit longer without fear of anyone trying to fight their way in unheard!