Vountry Club Ambience Enhanced With Good Curtaining

Whilst I was away on a quick trip to Texas, my host family were very busy and very kind but unable to take a lot of time of of their day jobs to entertain me – that was fine, I found plenty to satisfy my curious mind.    However, they did enrol me as a family guest at their rather fantastic country club . . . . .  Now we are definitely talking posh.  It was grander than any spa or hotel I’ve been in to date.  They had the most wonderful windows – huge but with style.   The window dressings were equally impressve but also very functional.  Being a privacy protection site, they had special see out but not see in windows;  then they had the formal slatted shade producing shutters.  There were also great swathes of curtain dressings to with side swags.  It probably was rather OTT but such gorgeousness was a luxury.