Victorian Splendour Making A Homely Comeback

I have noticed lately that some of my younger family friends have been adopting a more classical approach to their choice of soft furnishings and window dressings.  After years of that rather grim combination of grey, black and grey, red-black-grey etc.  I am sure this is because of the rather wonderful selection of blockbuster tv series currently – most of which have a historical theme.  Particularly high on the list is anything Victorian.  As we celebrate 200 years since her birth this year, there will be even more.  These programmes reflect fashions and customs of the time.  Very feminine bedrooms, pretty lace and floral themes.   Bedding sets may be more modern with duvets, but the covers and matching curtains really do reflect a sumptuous feel which you don’t get with an austere minimalist theme.  Pretty patels and chinz may not be everyones’ taste but it brings a lighter, softer air to any room.