Venetion Blinds Spruced Up With Baby Wipes

When we’re confined to our home bases for several weeks at a time, after the initial euphoria of experiencing the much coveted joy of endless weekends . . . these joys eventually come boredom and lethargy.  But this is just the time when we can make the most of our furnishing repairs and by looking at every room to check over the condition of the window dressings for example.  Those ruffed roman blinds that seemed such a fantastic deal twenty or thirty years ago now look a tad old fashioned and dare I suggest, garish?   The venetion blinds that have been up for donkeys years really do need a good clean.  This is not easy.  You will need baby wipes and this tip:  firstly either dust the closed blinds with a feather duster or vacuum attachment.  Then taking one baby wipe at a time, try to wrap it over both sides of the slat and wipe firmly along to the cord and back.   It will take several wipes but once you get into a rythm, it’s quite a relaxing task and the blinds should look brilliant and smell adorably clean!