Tips For Spring Cleaning Window & Dressings

That lovely time of year is upon us again – light showers and then bright sunshine.  It’s the perfect time for freshening up everything around the home.  Curtains and blinds should come down to be cleaned and the window spaces thoroughly wiped down.  It isn’t easy to do this sort of thing when the window dressings are still in situ.  If venetian blinds don’t lift off, it is possible to pull them into the very highest position and clean around the back with a flim feather duster or micro stick  this removes the dust from behind the blind and around the corners of the windows.  Clean windows with  malt vinegar does wonders – I’ve always found that spraying the windows with slightly diluted vinegar then immediately drying and polishing off with scrunched up newspaper works better than any duster and cream cleaner.  Another good tip is to use clean rain water from the garden butt.  I strain a can load through an old kitchen sieve.