The Window Cover Of True American Apple Pie

When I was walking down the town last week I couldn’t help noticing that two of the little cottages I pass have either changed hands and are now owned by the same family, or there’s someone offering a grat deal in these attractive american style wooden window shutters.    Before this, I can’t really say I’d taken any notice of their window dressing as it was probably fairly bland.  I only notice when blinds or curtains really make a statement and enhance the window cavatity int the wall!  These new indoor shutters were almost identical to those I’ve experienced when staying over in the –  US.  They keep out lots of sunlight and heat – which in somewhere like the deep south is seriously necessary.  They have to have airconditioning on 24/7 so anything that reduces the effect of the humidity is essential.  The traditional wooden shutter blind across windows is now as traditional there as applie pie!