Texas Style Shutters Keep Out Sun & Cold

A good chum of mine lives in a big house that was built to look older than it is.  I know not why the previous owner wanted it to look like a 1920s villa, but it does and it has beautifully proportioned sash windows throughout – very in keeping with the design ethos.   The problem with big windows is the need for a lot of curtaining.  If you don’t have those, then the space can look really cold and uninviting.  So after going through their rosey fabric with swags period, followed by start minimalist roller blinds,  the family have settled on wooden slatted shutters inside – they fold back in the daytime and very adequately and efficiently cover the vast glazed expanse at night.  They have the little cane down the middle to turn the slats up or down according to the sun direction.  They are stunning – minimal fuss but totally adequate reduction in cold air off the windows.