Slatted Blinds To Limit Sunlight Ingress

I have fairly recently started visiting a very aged relative – I’ve made annual visits all my life, but now she has need of more care – she still lives at home.  I am always amazed how she manages to get around her rather over furnished 1950s semi – the three piece suite is far too big for the space and the dining table with matching wall dresser are also massive – more suited to a large open plan affair that families have now.  The one area I do find satisfactory is the window dressing – this year, because of the extreme heat and sunlight, she has invested in slatted blinds.  They are very attractive and work a treat to let sunlight in when wanted but definitely shut it out when not.  The way they seem to cut off the extreme heat is incredible.  They are also easy to operate for arthritic hands – a massive deal maker or breaker!