Room Shutters Still Efficient After 300 Years

I help out at a local historic house – it’s actually known as a Hall, but is not particularly big.   Being of palladian design, this means it has very balanced number of windows and doors on all elevations.  The windows in fact all go from floor to ceiling in just about every public room downstairs.  This is a huge amoun of glass to cover up to keep the cold out in the winter, as I can testify.  The hall still has all the original internal window shutters that fold back each day.  The sheer height of the windows involves one of us standing on a plinth to reach and unlatch and lift off the iron restraining bar so the shutters open.  It’s such a basic design but it still works after 300 years.  The thick wooden shutters themselves have been painted over many times and they’ve also warped a little – nothing too dramatic though, as they wouldn’t all fit so neatly and efficiently to let in bright sun but keep out the miserable darkness of a rainy night!