Modesty In Furnishings & Curtaining Just Got Silly

Way back in in Victorian times the need for curtains and window dressings was not purely for decoration and keeping ahead with fashionable trends.  There was the somewhat bizarre social etiquette aspect to be taken account of too.    In the days when families would entertain – the lady of the house would accept into her home another lady of her own house and it was all done very politely and in very heavily prescribed order.   No one was alllowed to see legs – of any sort, be they attached to a young female, or furniture legs.  It got quite ludicrous for a period.  House furnishings and decor had to be of exacting nature too.  The housekeeping staff would have to abide by eery new social dictat as far as placement of furniture and the covering of same.  Antimacasas flourished greatly in this period – covering chair and table and even piano legs at the height of the Victorian folly period.   A case of modesty being take to the most silly degree.