Local Hall Needs Injection Of Comercial Pazazz

I have connections with two or three community groups nearby – we meet regularly, at least monthly for two of them.  Our choice of venue is very limited so it is very dissapointing that the one we are expected to use is so dreadfully grubby and has a permanently unkempt air about it.  I dread to wonder what our speakers think when we welcome them.  All they see is a rather ugly squat single storey place with a few parking places.  When somewhere is rented out for hire, and this is the purpose of its existence, it should really be kept along other commercial property lines.  Decent decor, clean and functioning washroom facilities, and top here – a decent fresh and well equipped kitchen.  Our  hall was built with public subscription so it isn’t going anywhere soon – but it’s not good enough for wedding receptions or anything that really matters anymore.  Very sadly.