Home Styled v Professional Interior Design

The interior design of any property generally reflects the owner installed at the time it was last set.   I belong to a general interest group and a couple of the members are experienced seamstresses and undertake regular recovering of chairs, making of matching curtains, blinds and other soft furnishing items.  This to them makes the point of interior design – it’s a very important part of making their home feel designed around them and their family.  The rest of us less talented buy whatever we find in the massive out of town home supply emporiums.  But to have the home actually stripped out and either refigured or added to takes nerve, money and a professional home interior design team.  They have the skill to look at a room or dwelling and see potential – can that unloved little corner be lit and refurnished with an existing chair or cabinet . . .  Would knocking out that bit of wall open up the kitchen or utility and bring in more light, etc etc.  Always use a professional if your budget allows.  It adds to the value of the property so much.