Making The Case For For Effective Window Dressing

Swags and ornamental curtain displays are most definitely things of the past.  We don’t currently go in for great big side curtains with massive swags on pelmets that stretch over the entire width of the window.  This was such a fashion for so many year – probably due to the prim Georgians and Victorians, when here was a surfeit of curtaining materials and no one worried a jot about the travelling footprint of every mm of fabric.  These days however the concerns are more ecologically based.  We need good window dressing of whichever sort will protect us, our furniture and household effects from any damaging rays from the sun;  any damp from water ingress and this can mean spores drifting about causing disease and many types of asthma.  We also need to keep out the cold.  Nothing is more debilitating than feeling cold when you’re trying to concentrate on reading, homework; letter writing whatever.  When window covering is needed, it pays to speak to experts in that field.  A combination of cost effective curtains, blinds and shutters will provide all the protection needed at a good price is planned and sorted as a project and not just knee jerk reaction to things.