Choosing Window Dressing By The Room

To make a truly grand job dressing the windows in any room needs some  preparation work first.  As with all decor related activities, cleaning around the framework to get rid of all those creepy spiders and other insects and creepy bugs.  Then the glass needs a really good clean – perhaps with lemon juice in the rinsing water.  The new e-cloths are superb at leaving a streak free finish.  So. also if you’re dressing the bedroom windows, adding a blackout layer is a popular idea to prevent additional light from pouring in.    Ensuring the main curtains are fully lined will also help reduce light polution.  If using roller blinds, they too can have a blackout backing to try to keep the area outside as dark as possible.  Venetion blinds are definitely a smart idea in kitchens and bathrooms.  I’m thinking that venetian blinds are a superb choice for the kitchen and bathroom as they are manufactured in either plastic or wood and can instantly lift a room with their elegant fuss-free looks.