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Venetion Blinds Spruced Up With Baby Wipes

When we’re confined to our home bases for several weeks at a time, after the initial euphoria of experiencing the much coveted joy of endless weekends . . . these joys eventually come boredom and lethargy.  But this is just the time when we can make the most of our furnishing repairs and by looking […]

From Nets To Festoons & On To Shutters

In these days of needing to keep ourselves safe out of the sun’s burning rays, it’s very usual for families to fit roller blinds and screens across windows.  At one time it was common practice to hang net curtains – pretty white or cream lace and frills at the windows meant you could look out […]

Reasons Curtains Are So Needed

Whenever you see old films and documentaries about the Victorians, after noting the wonderful looking clothes and hats the women wore, one thing stands out – the  amazing festoons of curtaining at the windows.   These were used for decoration and to keep the room as warm as they could – there wouldn’t have been central […]

Home Styled v Professional Interior Design

The interior design of any property generally reflects the owner installed at the time it was last set.   I belong to a general interest group and a couple of the members are experienced seamstresses and undertake regular recovering of chairs, making of matching curtains, blinds and other soft furnishing items.  This to them makes the […]

Choosing Window Dressing By The Room

To make a truly grand job dressing the windows in any room needs some  preparation work first.  As with all decor related activities, cleaning around the framework to get rid of all those creepy spiders and other insects and creepy bugs.  Then the glass needs a really good clean – perhaps with lemon juice in […]

The Window Cover Of True American Apple Pie

When I was walking down the town last week I couldn’t help noticing that two of the little cottages I pass have either changed hands and are now owned by the same family, or there’s someone offering a grat deal in these attractive american style wooden window shutters.    Before this, I can’t really say I’d […]