Winter Weight Curtains & Chill Defeating Blind

How quickly the temperatures drop in these autumnal afternoons.  Until about two weeks ago, I could rely on being able to sit working at my desk near the patio door until well towards 5pm, without having to resort to the henious crime of putting the heating back on before the timer clicked it on.    However, things are rapidly moving towards winter and the mean streak in me has to be addressed by wearing a wooly beret, thermal jacket and fingerless gloves.  It grieves me having to give in before the first day of December, but of course I do have to consider other household members and more importantly, my arthritic fingers and toes.  This is where my truly splended blinds and curtains really come into their own.  The blind cuts out 80% of the cold coming down off the windows immediately.   Then the curtains pulled across reduce heat loss even more and of course, they look cheerful.