Window Blinds Still Bright White After Careful Cleaning

It’s a very odd thing about window dressings – they are not the most talked about item in the soft furnishing range, but they do finish a room when they are chosen with care.  I have curtains to co-ordinate with the bedding upstairs – I like a streamlined look.  In the bathrooms and kitchen I have very smart venetian blinds in white.  They were gorgeous when first installed and are just as lovely now – really lifting each room with their brightness.   The only downside is cleaning blinds as they do collect dust very quickly.   I used to try brushing them down and dusting, vacuuming with the round headed dusting implement . . .  I now clean them with baby wipes.  Yes, simple bab wipes – these are jolly effective at cleaning and polishing the blinds and as a bonus, the room smells delightful afterwards!  Who knew that such a simple product could be so simply applied – I use two at a time and turn them frequently – it’s possible to clean 4 blinds from left to centre and then centre to right and side with these 2 wipes.   I don’t dry – just leave them and they dry shiny.