Reasons Curtains Are So Needed

Whenever you see old films and documentaries about the Victorians, after noting the wonderful looking clothes and hats the women wore, one thing stands out – the  amazing festoons of curtaining at the windows.   These were used for decoration and to keep the room as warm as they could – there wouldn’t have been central heating, only fires made in the main rooms.  They went in for oversized curtains when they could get away with it with lots of blousy colours and chintzey patterns.  Sometimes, especially if the windows were in a drafty corridor or on a landing, some would have to have the curtains sown with exta weights in the bottom hem so they curtains stayed down and absolutely in the position they were intended for instead of getting blown about in the drafts.  Nothing makes you feel cold more quickly than seeing curtains and blinds moving about.   Let’s face it if they’re at that stage, then nothing will get you much warmer.