Quality Curtains Encourage Statement Wall Colour

Winter time can be a bit tricky when it comes to colours for soft furnishings.   I used to have two sets of curtains downstairs – one palest cream to highlight warmth & sun.  In winter I changed to darker patterned.  Both were lightweight flimsy affairs.  Easily washable but did not appear remarkable or noteworthy.   I now have heavy, well lined curtains in my main sitting room – they were pretty expensive when I had a complete decor overhaul a few years ago but matched the wall colour, carpet and suite so perfectly.   Because they ended up becoming investment pieces, I now find myself replacing other items to suit the curtains to the point where I had my chimney breast painted a stunning garnet shade to match the main pattern shade.  Now that’s what everyone calls a statement wall.   I like it particularly at Christmas as the red florals suit the festive themes that never go out of fashion and seem perfectly apt.