One Man’s Heat Treat, Another Man’s Headache

When you’re out in a hot mediterranean country for a short holiday, the extreme heat of a good summer can just be a temporary treat.  For the locals however, the constant hot weather without any respite of rain or even cool wind, is exhausting and debilitating.   I have a friend who lives in exactly this situation.  Having built her villa some twenty years ago, over a period of 5 years, she is just now recognising the folly of building it without heating for the winter and adequate fans, aircon or hefty window shutters for the summer.  Climate change has occured on a much bigger scale over there, the day time temperatures are now regularly 44 to 46 deg C all day, every day for months on end with very little variance.   It’s staggeringly hot!  My chum has had to spend vast sums on replacing the flyscreens fitted to each opening side of her windows and then the outer shutters as these do shade each room, cooling down rooms that are in direct sunlight all day long.