Not Following The Shades Of Grey Trend

When you need to find new window coverings, be that blinds or curtains, it can sometimes be a tricky to start because the colours of the remaining decor and furnishings may have faded.  The colours of soft furnishings only change every few years   For instance we  have endured the fad of grey, dark, light, with black, without black – I personally can’t stand grey as it makes me deeply depressed so would never want to have it around me.  So when I wanted to change the curtains in my main sitting rooms, I had a devil of a job to get something that I felt co-ordinated well with the new wall colour, the existing carpet and and three piece suite.   The answer was down at my local independent curtain maker’s store.  This clever lady – WI member and all round popular person, has run her curtain making enterprise for forty years and knows everything there is to know about the subject.   She also knows that most of her clientelle do not follow the younger colour trends & holds a massive range of fabrics to suit all shades !