From Nets To Festoons & On To Shutters

In these days of needing to keep ourselves safe out of the sun’s burning rays, it’s very usual for families to fit roller blinds and screens across windows.  At one time it was common practice to hang net curtains – pretty white or cream lace and frills at the windows meant you could look out but folk couldn’t really see in these were replaced by frilly festoons blinds, clouds of colourful materials.  They were effective from a privacy point of view but screening out harmful rays was beyond their remit.   We now have the US idea of slatted shutters that fit to the inside of the windows.  I suspect this is really a fashion statement as these are very effective in keeping air conditioning working effectively and we don’t tend to need that much protection over here.  However from an asthaetics point of view, the slatted shutters are very attractive and really do finish off a window.  I know many who have them plus the adornment of curtains, just for show.  A touch of belt and braces from an interior design point of view!