Flat, Bays Or Bows – All Need Proper Dressing

Some people have a distinct knack of furnishing their homes with that touch of elegance and panache that singles them out from the crowd.  I know two such ladies – and yes, I appreciate there will be chaps out there with the same talents but I’m not personally acquainted with any.  One lady I’ve got to know quite well lately has a very similar house to my own, on the same estate so the same age.  However, her lounge curtains are utterly beautiful.   Set off by an attractive wrought iron rail, the curtains are palest cream and hang superbly in gentle pleats from under the overhead swags and swathes.  The main window have roller blinds to block out the evening.  The whole ensemble helps to disguise that her front window is plain, no bows or bays in her house.  My frontage affords a nice square bay which although more attractive, was a devil’s job to hang a curtain rail around!