Colour Matching Soft Furnishings Can Be Challenging

I have set myself a task which may actually defeat me.    I’m hoping to make table ware to match some friends’ window blinds. . .  Their cottage is very compact so each room has as little frilly or unecessary furniture & furnishings as possible.   They have attractive regency themed roman blinds and pelmetted curtains made from upholstery fabric.  Trying to find washable fabric to match that combination has been nigh impossible.  It would seem that the smart ivory background with stripes of dark brown, coffee and deep red has not been a fashionable choice for some years!   It is true to say that currently curtains and blinds tend to follow the fashions taken from new build show homes and sales properties . . .  Lots of colour, but not what I seek.  Blinds are very popular, being neat, convenient to operate and effective in keeping out sun and direct heat, although the choices of colour have been a little limited.  I shall get the job done, but with variants!