Blinds, Voiles & Shutters – Eye Opening Choice

I was happily watching an old 1970s detective series the other week – it’s wonderfully refreshing to see the decor and styles of furniture that were so on trend then.  My family always had net curtains up at each window, regardless of blocking any view – the purpose was entirely to stop outsiders peeping in.  In fact the net curtains could well have helped to keep the house cooler in summer and perhaps a little less chilly in winter – climate change and the destructive elements of that were never thought of or spoken about then.  Window blinds are now back in favour, they were very much in vogue around 1990 for a decade – frilly, flouncy ones particularly.  Not in our house.   My mother would have loved venetion blinds for their utter simplicity of operation once installed.  However the regular cleaning would have got her down – which I suspect is why our homes were never graced with them.  Soft urnishing suppliers today have so much choice for us – blinds, shutters, voile nets, window dressings have never been so satisfying !