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Modern Black Outs For Baby And All

It has become very much the norm these days that as soon as a couple know they’re expecting a baby, all kinds of changes and special preparations have to be put in place.  Take the nursery for example – at once time there would be a tiled or wooden floor with a nice colourful rug.  […]

Slatted Blinds To Limit Sunlight Ingress

I have fairly recently started visiting a very aged relative – I’ve made annual visits all my life, but now she has need of more care – she still lives at home.  I am always amazed how she manages to get around her rather over furnished 1950s semi – the three piece suite is far […]

Shades Of Grey Can Overshadow Room Setting

We live in a world where clothing and furnishing fashions change very rapidly – the fads for certain colour schemes come and go and each series of hues comes around perioically.  To keep up with many and not have to pay a fortune for new venetion blinds or other window dressings, it is best to […]

Exsquisitely Matched Blinds & Uholstery

I have been visiting various relatives this year, having got a great deal more time to spare than ever before.  It’s been fantastic fun, getting to see the houses and apartments again that I only ever visited rarely before.  One in particular really had an effect on me, the house is airy and very light […]

Modern Roman Blinds Win Hands Down For Style

I have just come back from staying in a quite isolated country estate house.  The building was originally a school on an old stately home estate and was built for the home and the attached villages, of which there were once twelve.  The windows have been replaced by velus roof windows in the upper floor […]